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I also make custom color tie dye as well  as custom distressed shirts.

    Not Your Mother's Tie Dye - Graphic for

    Some of Our Tie-Dye Designs

    T-shirt Mandada-red, orange, yellow, blu
    T-shirt Swirl-Black and white
    T-shirt Swirl-black, yellow and green
    T-shirt Swirl-fuscia, baby blue and yell
    T-shirt Swirl-Orange, black and yellow
    T-shirt Swirl-orange, fuscia and yellow.
    T-shirt Swirl-orange,green, pink and pur
    T-shirt Swirl-pink, orange and white
    T-shirt Swirl-purple and robbins egg blu
    T-shirt Swirl-red, blue, yellow, and gre
    T-shirt V- red, blue, yellow and green
    T-shirt V-pink, turquoise and black
    T-shirt-Red heart, blue and purple crump
    T-shirt-Vertical stripes yellow, orange,

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